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Bathroom Glass

Coupling modernity together with hygiene, colour and style, Motif Glass’ range of Bathroom Solutions can be tailored to meet any requirements.


Kitchen Glass

Traditionally, Kitchens have been a no-frills environment, hidden away from the rest of the world. Not anymore!


Office Glass

Motif Glass provide an attractive, considerably elegant solution to workstation dividers which makes the office space look better.


Resin Wall Cladding

Transform any tired looking walls and over-used cabinets or cupboards with Motif Glass’ Door Front and Wall Cladding System.

Welcome to Motif Glass

Motif Glass™ range of aesthetically pleasing, Colour Coated Glass brings the beauty of exceptionally well designed glass into any residential or commercial space. We have also developed an equally stunning range of Mirrors to both complement and enhance these areas. 

Our inspirational range of Resin Panels is also highly popular with something to suit all tastes and preferences.